Hi! My name is William Lachance, though most people just call me “Will”.

I’m an (early, as of this writing) fortysomething developer of software in Toronto, Ontario, Canada currently working for Mozilla in the Data Engineering group (formerly in the now-defunct Engineering Productivity organization).

I’ve worked on a bunch of things over the course of my career here (big themes have been automation, browser performance, and stability), but a chief unifying principle is me trying to help people understand the world around them. I try to help people think critically about data and build both backend and frontend systems that help them do this.

This blog is mostly work related, but occasionally I talk about other things.

Miscellaneous facts about Will:

  • Practices hot yoga and zazen meditation
  • Rides a bicycle most of the time, even in the Canadian winter
  • Mostly vegetarian (sometimes eats mussels and oysters)
  • Often refers to self in third person

I’ve closed down most of my traditional social media accounts, but there are a few places you can still find me: